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Girl offering nutella, cofee donuts for take away




But, what does it mean...?

In french, 'Mami" means "Grandma" and " Gato" means "Cake or treat". And this is how it all started, watching my grandmas, Simone and Louise, cooking and baking delicious meals and sweets for the family.


Everything was made with simple ingredients like fresh eggs collected in the backyard, fresh fruits picked in the garden... Those simple ingredients combined with their traditional know-how ( I have never seen a cookbook in the house, all recipes are passed down from generation to generation and the result was always a success) create the unique treats that the family loved and brought so much joy around the table.


And that is what Mamigato is all about: Delicious treats that make people happy, here in Central Coast!!!

We want to keep my products as authentic as possible, which means we don't take shortcuts. We make our dough daily with no preservatives, no additives with simple ingredients and lots of love.
Because we think that's how they are the best!


 Louise, Simone and ourselves (Luc & Cecile) hope you enjoy our goodies...


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